hobby farming 10 acres in princeton, tx

our idaho pasture pigs

We breed and raise Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPPs). They are a fascinating pig bred to be raised on pasture, where they eat the native grasses and are supplemented with grains to produce a really nice red flavorful meat.
We supplement our pigs diet with a soy free feed from Munster, TX specifically for pasture raised pigs. In addition, we give them dried kelp in the morning to make sure they have all the minerals they need.
We are a registered breeder with IPPR. Click the link below to learn more about this amazing breed.

our sow


She is a great mom, who birthed 8 in her first litter, far above the breed average of 5. She’s a sweetheart. Registered with IPPR.

our boar


Our boar is a big ol’ boy. Although friendly, he likes to nibble on your boots while in his pasture. He also loves to take mud baths in the warm Texas sun. Registered with IPPR.

farrow #1

Our sweet Petunia days before her first farrowing.

BORN 5/12/2024

Available piglets:
3 Ginger (2 gilt, 2 barrow)
2 Brown and White (1 boar)
2 Cream (1 gilt, 1 barrow)

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C H I C K E N S & T U R K E Y S & E G G S

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farm fresh eggs instructions

Eggs can be kept at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.
If you wash the eggs, they must be refrigerated.
In the refrigerator, they will last as long as store bought eggs.
You may have an egg in your carton that looks larger than the rest! This is a turkey egg. Read more below about our egg layers.Any questions? Fill out our contact form below.

our layers

We have 13 laying hens, all of different breeds (except 2 Easter Eggers).

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Honey bees on our property Managed by Texas BeeScape

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chicken gallery

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